What The Heck Is Coding Anyways?

This is a really good question, and honestly I didn’t really know what it was for most of my life either.  If you had asked me what HTML was, I truly would have had no clue.  I’m a little embarrassed now about that, but I have gotten over it.  Ultimately, it’s really simple.  I found a good resource here (http://www.brevedy.com/2014/03/17/what-is-coding-for-non-coders/).  Let’s take a look at something simple like HTML, which technically is a markup language and not a coding language.  You can use HTML to tell the browser how you want a webpage to be structured.  You can say, hey browser, I want to have about an inch of space here after this paragraph.  There is a syntax in HTML that allows you to do this.  You basically write the code in a certain way to tell the browser what to do.  If you want to make a link, you just need to know the special code for any link.  Then once you have that down, you’ll be doing HTML in no time.

CSS is similar.  You basically tell the browser how to style a webpage.  It’s a little more complicated than that, but overall it’s not really complicated.  If you want to make a picture look like a circle, you just need to know the code in CSS of how to do so.  It’s really that simple.

Actual programming is a little more complicated.  You give commands or inputs, and then the program gives you an output.  You could ask the user his age, and then tell the program to give a certain message back to them based on their answer.  That’s what coding and programming allows you to do.  You give the program a situation and then tell it what to do in various situations.

Hopefully that gives you a decent idea of what coding is.  If not, you’ll just need to dig into it a little bit and maybe do some practicing.  You can certainly jump onto youtube and see a whole bunch of videos on the subject.

Welcome To My Site!

I wanted to start off by welcoming you to my site.  My name is John Skvorecky and I’m your average, middle-aged man, as much as I hate to say it.  I’ve seen a big transition in the past few years, and I now understand that the ability to code is going to be in very high demand from now into the future.  Up until recently, I really had no idea what coding was or if I would have any interest in it.  I just thought it was some foreign concept that only nerdy people were into.

However, I started looking into things, as I wasn’t exactly too happy with my career to that point.  I thought I could slowly teach myself this new skill and then maybe just be self-employed or get a job at a new company.  I live in Nebraska, but I am open to moving somewhere.  I wanted to start this blog to document my journey and also to help anyone else who feels like they need a change.  Learning to code is both liberating and exciting.  The fact that I can teach myself this information and then practice it a bunch on my own to get good at it is really awesome.  I’m looking forward to seeing where these new abilities can take me.  I’m focused on web design work right now, but eventually I want to get into more programming, so I can make really cool apps.  I think I now understand what something like Ruby On Rails actually is and a little bit of how it works.

Anyways, I’m glad and super excited that you’ve come to my site and I hope you enjoy it!

A middle-aged man's journey to code